Underground Core Drill Rigs

DE100 series has been engineered to meet the toughest demands in mineral underground exploration drilling. DE100 series is also well suited to surface applications where a compact drill is required for exploration core drilling.


DE100 series drills are used on every continent in a variety of applications. The central focus of the design is on underground diamond core drilling for exploration and production applications. These compact drills are also used for surface applications such as dam reinforcement and heliportable applications.


All models in the range are built on the same principle and share many of the same major components. Exploration drilling can be very demanding especially in remote areas or sub-zero temperatures. That's why we only use components that have been thoroughly tested, our DE100 series rigs feature design characteristics that ensure our rigs are simple to maintain to minimize downtime.


Asia Pacific
Europe, Middle East & Africa
North America
South America