About Us

Drillman provides engineering and rig equipment support to drilling sectors including geotechnical, mineral exploration, horizontal directional drilling and upstream gas drilling and workover rigs. From humble beginnings in 2013, Drillman was founded after recognising a gap in the drilling industry for customised manufacturing and servicing of drilling equipment. Now it is an expanding exploration and drilling company, focused on innovation, research and development and customer requirements, turning concepts into reality through its fully customised solutions and extensive design-build process.

Providing end-to-end solutions for clients working in the construction, mining, and infrastructure sectors, Drillman is the arm delivering leading drilling equipment. The company's mission to provide intelligent design and reliability has led to the long-term goal of setting up innovation hubs at strategic locations around the world, allowing it to be closer to customers.

"Our focus has always been customers it starts by having conversations to better understand what our customers really need. There is strong unmet demand from the market for personalised customer service, aftermarket support and the provision of the having the right stock in the right location.

Innovation and research and development will continue to be priority with specific focus on, real time data analysis, automation, hands free operation. What starts as a concept ends in a 'fit for purpose' solution for our customers. We do this through research and development, being innovative and by applying technology and best in class design, build and service delivery to provide the right solutions."

Mike Wilkes

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